For you as a consumer it is difficult to choose the optimal and at the same time the most favorable solution from the unclear mass of insurance companies and their products.

It is exactly this task that we take over from you, free of charge. We perform a thorough check of your existing insurance package and also analyze your savings potential. Here we are concerned with three questions: 

How well are you insured?

  • How are you insured, i.e. what insurances do you have?
  • Are there some serious gaps in your insurance protection?
  • Did you conclude perhaps insurances that you do not need at all?

Which insurance benefits are you offered?

  • Which insurance companies offer you something and what do they offer to you?
  • Did you include the benefits that you need?

What costs do you have in relation to your insurance protection?

  • How much do you pay at this moment and for what?
  • How will your insurance costs develop in the following years?
  • Are there any benefits that you can obtain to the same extent from another provider, but under more favorable conditions?  

Our goal is that you achieve the most encompassing and optimal insurance protection at the lowest possible premiums.

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