Why do I need a household insurance?

Good household insurance is extremely important, because your home furnishing is often worth several thousand frank. When it comes to expensive damages in your household, you are threatened with a deep gap in the family budget without an appropriate insurance protection. Household insurance protects effectively your whole home furnishing.

One can answer the question of who needs a household insurance with two words: almost everybody. Household insurance, just as liability insurance and pension insurance, belongs to the basic insurance types.

The household insurance covers risks such as the following:

  • Fire and elementary events (for example incendiary, smoke, stroke of lightning, explosion, high flood, inundation, storm, hail, avalanches, strong snow, rock slip, rock fall or landslides)
  • Damages caused by water (through defunct water conduits and installations and devices attached to them, penetrating rain water, snow water, melt water and groundwater)
  • Theft (robbery, burglary, stealing, i.e. simple theft)
  • Breakage of glass (damage on building and furniture glass, on wash basins, sinks, bathroom toilets)