Why do I need legal protection insurance?

Disputes – if they are settled before a court – are connected with great financial expenses. Attorneys, courts and experts cost a lot of money. Legal protection insurance offers you legal advice and takes over the arising costs in contractual and non-contractual legal disputes.

The private or family legal protection insurance
offers usually legal protection in the following areas:

  • Tort law
  • Criminal defense: violation of legislation out of negligence
  • Insurance law: including social insurance
  • Labor law
  • Law of tenancy
  • Other law of contracts
  • Neighboring and property rights

The legal protection insurance in the domains of traffic and motor vehicles
covers usually the following areas:

  • Tort law: raising of statutory liability claims in the capacity of holder or driver of a vehicle or in the capacity of another traffic participant
  • Criminal defense: in case of violation of traffic regulations
  • Insurance law: in case of disputes with private or Swiss public insurance institutions
  • Administrative procedures in connection with driving licenses or vehicle registration, as well as vehicle taxation
  • law on contracts: in case of disputes that arise from the purchase, rental, leasing or repair of vehicleL