Why do I need a third insurance pillar?

Experience has shown that the pension payments from the 1st and 2nd pillar are in many cases too small to enable you to keep the living standard to which you are used to. Hence, the 3rd pillar – i.e. voluntary, private retirement insurance – plays an important role in securing your financial future.

Private retirement insurance fulfills various goals:

  • With private retirement insurance you can save on taxes.
  • Private retirement insurance guarantees to you a financially secured life in your retirement.
  • With the help of the private retirement insurance, in the long run you can achieve your targeted savings. Within the framework of a life insurance, the targeted savings or insurance protection is achieved also in case of working disability caused by an illness or accident.
  • Life insurance provides for financial security to the partner who survived in case of death. In this case the insured capital is namely paid out immediately.

The offered possibilities for pension insurance are large and almost impossible to view. This is why only competent consulting for old age can really answer the question of how your income will look like in old age, what form of insurance is best in your case and what are the chances in case of early retirement.