We clear the way for you and see to it that you receive your private loan at the best possible interest. Do you want to know how it will proceed? Here is a description of each step on your way to a loan.


Step 1: loan application

You will send a loan application conveniently online or per regular mail. If you send also all necessary documents right away, then we will be able to process your application immediately and there will be no delay.



Step 2: processing

We analyze your need and find the adequate credit institute for you. We forward your application to partner banks and they will thoroughly check your financing request using various criteria.



Step 3: approval

24 hours after the submission of the application you will receive the loan decision. Should your request be approved, we will print the loan contract and send it to you so that you can sign it.



Step 4: waiting period

Now we have to wait that the statutory waiting period of 14 days, which applies to all private loans in Switzerland up to 80'000 CHF, passes, which starts being calculated from the moment when the loan contract was printed. You have now a couple of days to read the contract with care and to send it back to us signed.



Step 5: Payout

After the expiry of the waiting period, you can collect your private loan in the nearest branch of the loan bank or you can have the loan amount transferred to Your bank/post account.