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You wish for a private loan?

You certainly came to the right place.


You are planning a major purchase, but the savings aren't quite sufficient? Then we will gladly help you with obtaining a private loan as a bridge. Watch here how our service works:



Calculated with an eff. interest rate of 6.9% p.a.


You would compare the prices when buying a new car. This is exactly what we do for you when it comes to your loan: as an official partner of the Swiss loan banks, we professionally support you in borrowing and are committed to making sure you get your desired loan at attractive rates. Our service is 100% free of charge.


How does this work?










You submit your loan application.


We process your loan application with our partner banks.


You sign your loan contract and receive your money.

You tell us the desired amount and provide us with the necessary documents. The fastest way to submit your loan application is our online form. We will check your documents and make a preliminary assessment in order to reduce the risk of a rejection by the bank.


We process your application with our partner banks and are committed to making sure that you get your desired amount and good conditions. We compare the offers of the banks and provide you with the appropriate credit agreement.


You now only need to sign the loan contract. After expiration of the statutory cancellation period, your credit will be paid out and you can realize your projects. From now on you will pay back your loan to the bank in monthly installments.

 To the online application!
Our service is 100% free of charge and risk-free.
There are no fees or charges, not even in the event of a rejection of your loan application.
  Loan amount and duration selectable (CHF 3'000-250'000, 6-72 months)
  Credit decision and individual offer within 24 hours
  Free consultation and handling
  Interests are tax deductible
  Increasing of existing loans or detachment to lower interest rates possible
 Long-term safety thanks to the payment protection insurance
Why should you apply for your loan with us?



You have one central competent contact person.

We will keep the contact with the banks and take care of the processing of your application. However, you only have one central contact person: we will professionally advise and support you from the application to the disbursement and beyond. Our friendly staff is available for all your questions and concerns.


You save time and have no administrative work at all.

To receive offers from all credit banks, you would have to personally submit an application at each bank and make multiple copies of all documents. We completely take this effort off you, and it's free: you only submit one credit application, but gain access to the services and offers of several banks.



You get an individual financing, tailored to your personal situation.

An individual budget calculation is made to determine which loan amount can be granted to you at what repayment terms. The monthly payments are tailored to your financial situation so that your credit can not become a burden later.


Your long-term financial security is important to us.

You never know what happens in life. From one day to another you might become unable to work due to illness, accident or disability, or even due to the bankruptcy of your employer. The payment protection insurance protects you of such an inability to pay and covers your installments in such a case.


 To the online application!
We look forward to assist you with your borrowing!