Each year you run a red tape war in order to fill the tax return, which takes a lot of your time and a lot more of your nerves. Make it easy on yourself: let our experts fill your tax return at an attractive lump sum fee.

Do you lose the perspective each year again and again? Do you always procrastinate with the filling of the tax return? This can be done much easier. Consign to us now simply your documents and we will fill your tax return.

If you let us fill your tax return, you can profit at the same time from our tax advice: we will tell you exactly what deductions are possible at which amount. In this way you can save on your taxes.

Our services for you

  • Overview and sorting of your tax documents
  • Analysis of your documents and calculation of relevant amounts for the tax return
  • Electronic filling of your tax return taking into account legally stipulated deductions
  • You receive the finished form for signing
  • Individual tax advice

Our lump sum prices :

Price for new clients:
CHF 149.00* CHF 169.00
Price for credit clients:
CHF 129.00* CHF 149.00

* All prices (without VAT) are lump sum prices for the standard tax return. In complex cases an hourly rate is agreed depending on the necessary work.