Below you will find all relevant information in one clearly arranged table. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions or try to look into the FAQs, perhaps you will find the desired answer there.


Legal requirements for granting private loans

Minimum years of age   18
Maximum years of age   69 (the loan must be completed repaid by the age of 70)
Minimum income   CHF 2'500.00 net
Identity card  
  • Swiss passport or ID
  • Foreign identity document B/C/LG
  • Cross-border commuter identity document G
Employment relationships/Earnings  
  • Permanently employed
  • Temporary employment
  • Self-employed
  • Retired, based on old age and survivors insurance/invalidity insurance (without supplementary benefits)
Compulsory execution / seizure / certificate of losse   No open compulsory execution, garnishments, certificates of loss may be registered.

Loan-related information

Loan amounts   CHF 3'000-250'000
Loan life   6-120 months
Max. annual percentage rate (including all costs)   From 4.4-9.95%, depending on the individual offer of the loan bank
Commission   None.
Administrative fee   None.
Necessary documents to apply for a private loan  
  • Copy of a valid identity card (Swiss passport, ID or foreign identity document)
  • Copy of the current payroll accounting slip (in case of hourly wages copies of the last three payroll accounting slips)
Waiting period until the loan decision d   24 hours
Waiting period until loan disbursement   14 days (waiting period as required by law – loans starting from 80,000 CHF are paid out directly, as the legal waiting period does not apply in this case)
Type of disbursement  
  • Cash disbursement on the bank counter
  • Transfer to the post or bank account